Welcome to the SaferMD QCDR Quality Reporting Registry for Diagnostic Radiology

SaferMD is working in collaboration with Suncoast RHIO Qualified QPP Registry for MIPS Reporting under MACRA,

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Announcing the SaferMD’s 2018 Measures:

Critical Result: Aortic Dissection Critical Result: Positive bleeding scan
Critical Result: CTA of GI bleed Critical Result: Cord Compression
Critical Result: New Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) Critical Result: Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy
Critical Result: Ectopic Pregnancy Critical Result: ICH
Critical Result: Acute Ocular injury Critical Result: Placental abruption
Critical Result: Pulmonary Embolism Critical Result: Occlusive Intracranial Stroke
Critical Result: Testicular Torsion Critical Result: Subdural hematoma
Result Requiring Follow Up Protocol Urgent Result: Breast Specimen Radiography
GI Radiography Result Notification
• Critical Result: Bowel Obstruction
• Critical Result: Sigmoid Volvulus Chest Imaging Result Notificationn:
• Critical Result: Pneumothorax
• Critical Result: Tension Pneumothorax
• Follow Up Result: Suspicious Lung Nodule
Musculoskeletal Radiology Result Notification:
• Critical Result: Fracture C-Spine
• Urgent Result: Osteomyelitis
• Urgent Result: Meniscal Tear

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To begin the Registration Process for the SaferMD QCDR,  Follow the steps below or click here to talk with us.

The Following Information will be collected in the 2 part process. 

As you go through the step by step process, you will find the following and be guided to each required online document:

1. The Signup Sheet which will establish your logon credentials, You will hear from us within 24 hours 

2. A Software License Agreement

3. A Business Associate Agreement

4. A Signed Consent Form

5. A Work Order with Terms of Service from SaferMD

6. Answer a Few Short Questions for us to validate your eligibility and readiness

7. Choose 1 or more of our supported methods of getting your data to us

                            Portal Data Entry

                            Download and fill in a spreadsheet on your own time with our instructions

                            EHR Direct Data

                            EHR Report

                            A CSV (Comma Separated Value) File for use with our CMS API (Application Program Interface) Token

                            Send us Billing Data for the number of months of performance (837 Method)

    You can always go to the Contact Us tab and send us your questions and choices and we will be in touch with you.  Please specify you are interested in utilizing the SaferMD QCDR in the message block.  ​Contacts